Bruce Fark

Meet Bruce Fark

Most days, you can find Bruce (The Farkster) hanging out with his wife Tracy, and their beloved fur kid. When he's not at his day job or hanging out at home, he's making music somewhere or cruising on his motorcycle (weather permitting). He's what some are referred to as a "band ho", meaning he spreads himself around; musically. He currently plays in 3 bands, plus has his own acoustic solo show. He sings, plays guitar, drums, and is the Ace of Bass for Erastus.

Bruce's experience spans almost 40 years of playing in garages, basements, county fairs, festivals, and countless benefits, donating his time to help someone in need.

We always give thanks to Bruce for his service in the United States Army.

- Occupation: Ace of Bass of Erastus

- Instruments played: Electric bass guitar, drums, acoustic guitar.

- Musical influences: Jimmy Drywall and the Bruce Screws

- Interesting facts about self:  My bass amp weighs less than my bass guitar. I play for three bands plus a solo acoustic act. United States Army veteran. Motorcyclist.

- Hobbies: Pickup up my light bass amp ​

- Who I would like to meet: Anybody who can make a lighter bass amp