Dave "Davelos" Zacharias (2006-2009)

                                         (Our first soundman / roadie)

Brad "Mr. Burns" Baucher (2006-2013)

                            Founding drummer

- Occupation: Stagehand for The George Erastus Experience & Tracy and the Cue Balls, Customer Service for an Automotive OEM.

- Instruments played: Pedal Board, Guitar

- Musical influences: The Roadrunner Band (Butch and Jane Griner), Steve Lynch of Autograph, Satriani, KISS, Boston, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dokken, Scorpions, and just about anything that rocked in the 70's and 80's.

- Interesting facts about self: I live near Neptune. My right thumb was broken as a toddler and never treated, but I can still hold a guitar pick. Not many people knew that I lived mostly by myself as a teenager, but since most of my neighbors were musicians, my interest in learning guitar kept me out of trouble.

- Hobbies: Studying and investing in Mutual Funds. Raising two Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies.

​- Who I would like to meet: Brad Paisley, Anyone from Pink Floyd, KISS or any of the bands mentioned above.
- Occupation: Ace of Bass of Erastus

- Instruments played: Electric bass guitar, drums, acoustic guitar.

- Musical influences: Jimmy Drywall and the Bruce Screws

- Interesting facts about self:  My bass amp weighs less than my bass guitar. I play for three bands plus a solo acoustic act. United States Army veteran.

- Hobbies: Pickup up my light bass amp

​- Who I would like to meet: Anybody who can make a lighter bass amp
- Occupation: Brookside Trucking Mechanic

- Instruments played: Drums, Metal Coffee Can

- Musical influences: Tommy Lee, Buddy Rich, Eric Carr, Mitch Mitchell

- Interesting facts about self: I am married with two kids

- Hobbies: riding motorcycles, watching racing at Eldora

​- Who I would like to meet: Sammy Hagar


​Trace Senger

- Occupation: Guitar God

- Instruments played: Guitar

- Musical influences: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Matt Denney

- Interesting facts about self: I have the most unique guitar in Mercer County, Ohio

- Hobbies: Playing guitar, rocking out

- Who I would like to meet: Stevie Ray Vaughan



Pictures from the Erastus Archives



- Occupation: Official Erastus Photographer, Inventor, Visionary, Owner of Lloyd's Auto Service in Van Wert, Ohio

                         (taking care of all of your automotive needs, from headlights to taillights and everything in between!!)

- Instruments played: Camera, Pyrotechnics, VW Beetle

- Musical influences: Erastus

- Interesting facts about self: I employ the world's oldest man, Farrell Lee Welch Jr

- Hobbies: Fixing problems, having fun.

- Who I would like to meet: Farrell Lee Welch III

Sgt. Brent F. Roth, M.D. (2013-2016)

Phil 'Fill' Homan

Farrell Lee Welch, Jr. ("FLW2")(2006-2013)

                             (founding rhythm/lead guitar player)

- Occupation: Musician, Esquire.

- Instruments played: vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass, keyboards, keytar, drums, chainsaw

- Musical influences: I am influenced by many artists of many eras. I am a huge fan of rock, country, country & western, bluegrass, and the blues. My "usual play list" includes The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams Sr., as well as lots of Classic Country, Classic Rock (including lots of KISS, CCR, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc), and stuff like that. I also love gospel music, both singing and writing, especially the "old timey gospel music."

- Interesting facts about self:  In 2003, I won first place in a bed-making contest  as a Holiday Inn Express housekeeper. 

- Interests: I am an active member of the Masonic fraternity, with my Home Lodge being Celina #241, F&AM

- Occupation: City of Celina Engineering Department 

- Instruments played: Bass, Electric Guitar

- Musical influences: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Halen, Hank Williams Sr.

- Interesting facts about self: I have gone on several mission trips in my life: 2x to Malawi, Africa, 2x to Honduras/Nicaragua, 1x to Cheval, Alaska (Eskimo Village). I met my wife when I was 13 years old at a Church Camp in Pennsylvania. She is from Puerto Rico and spoke no English, I spoke no Spanish, but we kept in touch by letters and we eventually met up and married in 1990, and we are still happily married.

- Hobbies: Hunting, tennis, golf, and grilling. And rocking.

​- Who I would like to meet: Fred Bear

- Occupation: Factory Worker 
- Instrument played: Drums, cowbells, microphone
- Musical influences: Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich 
- Interesting facts about self: I'm really tall (not!) 
- Hobbies: Playing Drums, Playing Basketball, Racing Go Karts, watching the BUCKEYES 
- Who I would like to meet: Anyone famous, except Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

Vince "The Enforcer" Barnhart

- Occupation: Mayor of Mendon, Ohio; Union Boss
- Instruments played: Vocals, Bass, Beard, Mandolin (retired), Guitar, Beard Trimmer 
- Musical influences: 80s hairbands, classic country, songs that ROCK
- Interesting facts about self:  I was a contestant on the TV Show "The Voice" in 2014.  Also, I am not as old as Farrell Lee Welch, Jr. (a.k.a. "FLW2").  Also, my first band was “Bull Butter and the Shark Sandwiches” in 1979 – You should read our two word review!
- Hobbies:  Playing bass, enforcing union rules.
- Who I would like to meet: George Jones

Andy Langenkamp (2006-2009)

                                       Founding bass player